Get them out! - 001Edit

By : Nighttime Mugger

There's just too many guards running around this district. I remember when they were too good for us and would mostly stick around to the richer areas of the city. Someone should sneak around and start a little chaos, make them think that they are needed there instead. Hell, with all those rich people, there's bound to be some good loot.

Payment : 5 silver ores

Bonus: None

Noble family squabble - 002Edit

By : Crooked Guard

There is talk that two noble families have been getting along quite well recently, so well in fact, that one of these families are looking for a freelancer to sneak into their rival's estate for "useful information".

Payment : 10 bronze ores

Bonus: Deliver a copy of said information to an agent of the Berenike Rogues. Both so they can hold this information for themselves, and to give the hiring family a proper alibi.

Bonus Payment: 2 Silver ores

Easy Pickings - 003Edit

By : Roadside Bandit

Word around the camp is that there's going to be a wagon or two coming in from the mines, completely unguarded! Now, I realize that an unguarded wagon might not have much worth looting, but I'll take an easy meal any day.

Payment : 5 Bronze Ores

Bonus: None