Where to start? Edit

A hard question to answer, really it depends on what you want, who your character is, ambitions and dreams, etc etc.

Are you a hardened warrior who wishes to serve the crown? A thief that wants a quick dime? A priest that wishes to help the needy? A noble that lives comfortably in the court?

Location, location, location Edit

Think about it this way. A noble that starts in a seedy place? He's going to get robbed. A thief in the rich parts of town? He's going to jail for 'planning a robbery'. Your social status matters, the location matters. Starting off is important but shouldn't be taken in account so heavily.

Nobody is replying!! Edit

This is a problem that a lot of us go through. Check your post. See if there's something that bottlenecks other people in seeing you, i.e. a fire spurt out and the only way out is through you. Don't make something flashy, make something casual for people to join in and accommodate themselves to your character and writing style. If everything fails - ask someone on the OoC room to join in! There's no shame in asking people to join you, if anything, it's the best way to get things started!