A few years ago it was just a seedy bar. But truth be told if it wasn't for a veteran mercenary's input and consequent purchase of the place, the Challez would be forever known as a place where the drunk waste their money and where crime would be practiced.

Rumor has it that crime is still practiced but in... more 'legal' ways thanks to it's direct connections with the army of Berenike and some small underground groups. The Challez slowly became into a respectful tavern / inn / guild thing where adventurers can simply come in to rest and eat for a price - albeit cheap to ensure profits and connections among the patrons.

The guild portion is a freelancer heaven, not offering much of a fee of entry, but a cut of 15% of the profits they make in their journeys and assignments under the Challez name. The cut is not negotiable and the owner seems to have never backed down from a haggle before, so attempts to cut down prices or even that 'guild tax' are fruitless.