Trouble in the mines! - 001 Edit

By : Miner's guild

There has been instances where we've been attacked by bees! Huge bees! And cackling from the depths of the mines could be heard. Head out

Payment : 5 silver ores

Noble family squabble! - 002 Edit

By : Royal guard

There's been instances of some noble families having less then 'desirable' conversations and acts towards each other. This mission is strictly diplomatic. Any usage of weapons or aggression will lead to the following mercenaries to be arrested for at least 3 days. Do not, fail us.

Payment : 10 bronze ores

Treasure hunt! - 003 Edit

By : Matthews

Hello there, I need a group of people to operate with me, a search, for a treasure. It's not of great value but the job isn't dangerous at all. I've acquired a few maps through out these past months that lead me to believe that the treasure we seek is near Berenike's west wall! Please, hurry! I don't want bandits to trash my findings!

Payment : 2 bronze ores