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This place is tailored to suit your needs, from a helpful list of jobs occurring in the world, to locations. Remember, your input is also important - since the creation of locations in the city of Berenike and so on are created by you, the player.

"Where do I start?"Edit

A question that everyone asks when joining a new room, group RP or public rooms. We got you covered! Click this page, for more information!

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  • new page "Special Business" List
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    New page: Trouble in the mines! - 001Edit By : Nighttime Mugger There's just too many guards running around this district. I remember when they were too good...
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  • new page Challez
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    New page: A few years ago it was just a seedy bar. But truth be told if it wasn't for a veteran mercenary's input and consequent purchase of the place, the...
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  • new page Berenike Rogues
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    New page: The largest underground organization in Jugo. This group consists of rogues, assassins, and thieves working together to maintain their criminal...
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    Added photo:
  • new page Jugo
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    New page: A waste for some, to the Tarkus family, an empire. Edit Jugo is the region that is noteworthy to it's deserts, mountains and of course Berenike. The...
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    New page: Where to start? Edit A hard question to answer, really it depends on what you want, who your character is, ambitions and dreams, etc etc. Are you a...

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